Little California kids, big California dreams


About All Together Now

All Together Now is a statewide movement to highlight the need to prioritize children in policy and budget decisions.

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Why Early Childhood

Kids’ earliest experiences affect how their brains develop, and shape how they learn, behave, and grow. The first five years offer a huge opportunity when we can lay the tracks for kids to thrive socially, cognitively, and emotionally as they move toward adulthood.

Healthy, resilient kids become well-rounded adults who create thriving communities—but this doesn’t happen by magic. Families in poverty face structural barriers to securing the supports and services they need for their children.

With the highest child poverty rate in the nation, California needs to step up its commitment to little kids. A strong California means giving ALL our kids a strong start.


Our Priorities

All kids have a right to be safe, healthy, and ready to thrive in school and life. The core pillars of All Together Now highlight some of the services most critical for supporting families and making sure all little kids grow up healthy.

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Join Us

Early childhood advocates may vary in approach, but we all have the same goal: the wellbeing of young kids.

Advocates of all kinds, including parents and families, know that child wellbeing is a critical goal. For all of you who care about California's future - our kids - join the All Together Now campaign today!

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