About All Together Now



When we work together to put California’s youngest kids first, we build toward a state where kids are born into equal opportunity, shared prosperity and growth, and community.

We want a comprehensive system that works for all kids, meeting their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development needs. Our goal is to equip families, early learning educators, health professionals, and others with the resources to make that happen.

That’s why we created All Together Now, a statewide movement to highlight the need to prioritize children in policy and budget decisions.

We want to build on our past successes and continue our progress on Early Childhood programs and services. And we want to show policymakers how putting kids first is critical to every Californian’s future.

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Our values

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All kids have a right to be healthy, happy and prepared to learn. It’s up to us to help all of California’s kids get the resources they need to thrive.

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Succeeding Together

A good, strong start for kids is good for all of us. When we come together to support kids now, we’re supporting a more prosperous future for California.

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Whole Child Care

Little kids have a right to great care everywhere. Early experiences—at home, on the playground, at the doctor, in the classroom—build the foundations for their future well-being.

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Every Californian has a role to play in making sure little kids have the opportunity to thrive.

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